Fuss Free Hairstyles for Trendy Tots

By William Rainbird

You don’t need a degree in cosmetology to send your kiddos to school with killer kids hairstyles. We’ve compiled a list of tips to help you achieve an envy-inducing do that will complete your little one’s ensemble. The best part? All of these styles are totally fuss-free and fabulous! Follow these tips for a happenin’ hairdo and your kid’s lid will be the talk of the playground.

 Before your next trip to the hairdressers, do some research and discover a cut that styles itself. Consider the texture of your child’s hair, desired length, and how much effort you want to exert every morning.The best haircut for little dudes: We love the classic taper cut. Ask your stylist to shave the sides and back of his head, leaving a little length on top for styling. This kids cut is low on maintenance, high on style. The best haircut for little girls: Your fashion-forward babe will love a blunt bob! Ask your stylist to take the length above her collarbone – no layers necessary!

Teaching your kids how to care for their hair is easy! It all begins with a good wash. Start by massaging the scalp with shampoo and let the suds run down the ends, cleansing the hair without causing breakage. You can also promote healthy hair by keeping styles loose, using covered rubber bands, washing away pool chemicals after a swim, using a wide-tooth comb rather than a brush, and accessorising with a hat when the scalp or hair will be exposed to the sun. Keeping their locks luscious is the foundation for any killer kids hairstyle!

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Parenting Hacks: Getting Kids Dressed

By William Rainbird

Perhaps you’re a meditative morning Zen master, calm as a mountain, quick as a rolling storm, but if you’re like the rest of us, every rushed, anxiety-fueled moment seems to add another gray hair to your head. In between toddler tantrums, navigating messes and preparing for the day, getting your child dressed and out the door in a timely manner can be tough.

But in the age of parenting hacks, we ask: Must something as simple as getting your kids dressed be so time-consuming? We think not. Cut the oscillation, the digging through drawers, the time wasted. Getting the kiddos dressed can (and should) be easy peasy. That’s why we’ve got pro parenting tips to make dressing your kids that much easier! Read away—you can thank us later.

 You may be still snapping buttons and zipping zippers for your toddler, but basic dressing skills are a cornerstone of mastering self care. After all, one of the most gratifying feelings in raising children is when your kids finally succeed in doing something by themselves. It’s those times that make you really stop and marvel the wonder that is childhood—on one hand, you’re proud of their achievements, on the other, you’re reminded that kids really do grow up so fast.Still, while it’s always somehow bittersweet, parenting is all about teaching independence. Make mornings easier, and give your kids an avenue for expressing themselves, by teaching them how to get dressed.

Start by showing your child the elements that should make up each outfit. For example, bottoms, tops, shoes and socks. Set aside these items in piles and allow your child to mix and match one item from each pile on their own in the morning. Easy! Depending on what clothes you’ve laid out, outfits should come together fairly seamlessly (see what we did there?). Still, give your kids the once-over before they leave the house—kids have a knack for coming up with the darndest ensembles!

 Comfort and style are no longer mutually exclusive. Make getting dressed easier by purchasing comfortable, hassle-free clothes. This is especially good parenting advice when it comes to younger children and toddlers—pick clothes that are comfy to wear, and easy to take on and off! We’re talking elastic waistbands leggings, lace-less kicks and roomy oversized tee’s and tanks Opt for free-breathing, soft cotton when possible, and  make use of layering to add an interesting edge to looks.

A house dress-code? What kind of draconian parenting tips are we promoting here?! In all seriousness, while your household isn’t a pageant and doesn’t require strict regulation, asking that at least some basic clothing items be worn is a good rule of thumb. Start with pants. Pants are good. Encourage your child to get showered and fully dressed, even if they don’t plan on leaving the house that day.

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Fun Activities for Toddlers

By William Rainbird

Keeping your little terrors entertained is a full-time job and it’s crucial to keep them growing and learning. But that doesn’t mean you can’t have the satisfaction of getting something useful out of playtime too! We’ve pulled together a list of our top picks for toddler activities that can be done at home or in playgroups and the best bit? They all finish up with something great being created, as well as (obviously) a heck of a mess. But hey, that’s just kids. Enjoy!

There are plenty of fun toddler activities that also let you enjoy yourself and tick another item off your to-do list. Whether it’s simple presents for friends and family (need wrapping paper I hear you say?) or something you were meaning to pick up from the shops but could make yourself (like that birthday card for nanna), there are tons of ways to get your child involved in productive activities. And where better to start than art!

Arm your little ones with paper and a gamete of decorating devices; crayons, glitter pens, stickers and even paint if you are feeling adventurous and let them get to work on creating. Not only will their gift wrapping and card creations save you a commute to the shops but they’ll save you some mullah too, all whilst creating something personalised and special for the recipient. This is a win win in our book!

 How about something useful – soap! Art teacher and mother of three Bar Rucci at Art Bar Blog has some top ideas. Play around with mixing and matching vibrant colours, you could even colour coordinate or theme them for different events. These soap are perfect for them to wash up with once you’re done playing and double as a great handmade gift for that person in your life who already has everything!

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